Fools Rush In

5AM and allll's crap.

We wake. We head towards the South Gate. We start inspecting ppl as they pass through. It is fun.

We hear Hooves thundering closer – Mor’den orders the gate closed, and, inexplicably, the guards comply. Badger sends a raven to warn Nina, and we give chase.

Finn shape shifts into eagle form and speeds away. Badger sends Paul(raven) to warn Nina to close the gates.

Finn reaches her first, telling her to drop the portcullis. As MrY gets closer to the gate, he “takes off” and flies towards Finn and Nina on the battlements. Paul delivers his message.

MrY continues to fly. When he is above Finn, Finn calls down a lightning bolt on his ass. Mor’den assists in opening the gate, as Badger summons.

MrY casts muscular dystrophy on Finn. More lightning. OMG HIS LIMBS COME OFF AND IT’S A BEHOLDER!! It starts opening a rift. zomg – soo much dmg. He fails.

Badger takes a nappy nap. Mor’den turns into a blackened swamp thing. He returns fire. Eye am dead.

Finn is still very paralysed. Once again, we call for Kin’eth. Finn is suddenly very not paralysed. It was a gauth (lesser beholder).

Luscious will oversee the burning of the corpse. We head back to the inn to catch up on sleep. Later that afternoon, we are approached and invited to dinner with the Mayor.

Trip To The Tailor: Part 2 We take another trip to the tailor.

We head to the Silver Marchers quarters, to look for Nina. We heal her and invite her to supper. Badger buys the greatest hat in history. A package arrives for Mor’den from Jizzlek.

We head to the Mayor’s, picking up Nina along the way. We meet the Mayoress.

We talk about the recent events. There is food. Soth is mentioned.. Is he coming back? Nina reckons retribution is near. She’s been following him for a while.

Mayoress offers us first option on the inn of doom. And to become honorary city guards. 24 hours to decide tick tock tick tock.

Our concurrent plan is for Mor’den to purchase it as our Base of Operations.

In the morning, Jomiro greets us downstairs. He offers us full memberships in the Adventurers Guild. We accept.

There is much rejoicing.



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