Fools Rush In

Mor'den Shadowmantle is... ROCKY VIII

Morden covers and hides the body of Baghera. The Watch approaches. We scare the crap out of him with the Bagheist.

We head to the trade quarter. It’s dark, night, quiet, empty. The guards will likely see us creeping to the sewer grate. Morden attacks them with a severed head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

He gives the order to rally the guards. .. and recind it. He takes the head and potters off to show the Captain of the Guard. Finn feels cold, malignant hatred, boring into his skull.

We head to the sewer grate. We venture onward. Most of us notice a dude, cowering. It’s Jess – but a stoned version.

We head into the cellar of The Turtle. We see a pair of muddy footprints. About 2 hours old. Big booty prints.

We head through the door, around and up the stairway into the inn. We’re in the bar – the barman is still there, crucified on a table. Dude his head completely stuffed. Method to extract information manually.. done usually by bad ppl… like demons and so forth.

We find three claw scratches under the right arm of a chair overlooking the thing. Badger sends his lizard (Paul) to scout ahead. He reports a man waiting on the roof.

We make our way up the stairs exceedingly silently. We are being followed by a bush-baby. Badger turns to daze it, but it is gone.

Badger sends Paul to scout again. There is a dude on the roof with a stone chick and a bunch of small moving dark things. Morden rushes in, foolishly. “Ah, finally”...

Morden walks out. Badger sneaks out, invisible. MrX calls us out – Finn obliges. Morden cone-fires the little minions on the roof. His robes are flayed off.. mostly. He has 3 clawed fingers.

There are bats, shadow-monkeys, mindmelting. Morden totally gets turned to stone. Badger summons a spider which entangles MrX. Finn turns into a wolverine and psychopaths his way through the centre of MrX.

The militia arrive. We tell them the honest truth. And of Jess in the sewer. Badger asks for the Captain of the Guard. He arrives and is a real hardass – Luscious. He questions us.

Badger goes to fetch Kin’eth. Kin’eth does come. He examines the scene. He detects magic. He says he can bring Morden back, and will do so for a favour. We accept.

Kin’eth casts stone to flesh – successfully. And same for blue-eyed, chicky.

Turns out we were planning to trap MrX.. He was one of the three spies. Beghera was another.. the third is “The Houndmaster”. He is a summoner. Blue-eye represents the Cerulean Order. Her name is Nina.

Spy #3 is going to be leaving at dawn, most likely. Nina will take the North Gate, we will take the South.

We take Kin’eth down through the cellar towards the sewers, and past the ritual room. He examines all very carefully. We get to Jess. Kin’eth tries to fleshilize her … she be ded.

Badger talks to Kin’eth a while regarding any help he could offer for the fight tomorrow.

Morden takes Jess’s body to a chapel to be buried at incomprehensible expense. Kin’eth sells Badger 3 scrolls of protection from evil.

We all head back to the inn and try for a good night’s sleep.



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