Fools Rush In

Return of the Poo-Dudes

We return to the inn with loot. Keith won’t let us in, because we smell of sewerage. We wash outside.

Finn arrives at the inn, as Badger eats and Morden covets his loot. Badger invites Morden downstairs, but Morden takes his sweet time to steal his slave’s clothes.

Finn tells us of his time in the Plane of Nightmares. We tell Finn of our time conquering the ratmen. Finn reads the missives from Jomiro.

We all retire to Morden’s room. We get Finn up to speed on the ritual-ruining and Tevaak’s departure.

Finn sees an entity pass by our 2nd floor window. Psicrystal reports it as a humanoid (probably extra-planar) with wide, pointy ears – lightbrown in colour.

We sleep in Badger’s room.

Psicrystal wakes Morden – Morden wakes us. There is someone outside our door. It leaves. Badger goes back to sleep. Morden hears someone possibly trying a door (and eventually opening it).

The “awakes” see a vampire-looking creature pressed up against the window. Morden waves at it. It steps back and falls. Our shutters close. They wake Badger up. We sit ready – very much time passes. Morden eventually opens the shutters – all shutters on the building are closed. We sleep.

We all head down for breakfast. nom nom nom. We prepare to head to Jizzleks’s to collect Rewards. He gives Morden a bag of tricks in exchange for the rat-key. Morden sells our loot for GP. BADGER GETS HIS BAG!!

We head to the market to look for Jess. We find Ned and ask him about anything he might know. “Lady with the blue eyes is new. She wanders around looking in windows.”

We wander through the posh quarter of town, and address a guard outside the mayor’s house about the incident last night. He tells us where to find the captain of the guard.

Morden asks Keith about last night’s incident. He finds that one of our rooms had had its door forced in and windows and shutters left open. We head to Kin’eth’s (it is closed, unusually). The tailor reports that he saw Kin’eth going with Jizzlek to his shop. Jizzlek refuses to let us in, and tells us to wait an hour.

We see the blue-eyed babe walking by. Morden stops her. We all have head-echos. We use the coin to see if mentioning Soth is advantageous. It is. We mention Soth – she claims not to know, so we invite her to tell us what she doesn’t know not on the roof of the Turtle not at midnight.

We head to Kin’eth’s. We tell him of the incident last night.He reveals that the blue-eyed woman is staying with the “Silver Marchers”. He suggests that maybe she is here to investigate recent mishaps. We tell him of the ritual, which we hadn’t told him of before. He mentions Petrus is a good candidate for being part of the organising of the ritual. He congratulates us for eRATicating the sewer-folk. The key we retrieved is used to activate a port-key… and is probably worth millions. We finish our Tea-rific beverages and head out – Kin’eth owes us lots of info now.

We head to the Shady Turtle to check out roof access. On the way there, we realise that we can get in through the sewers.

Morden heads to the market to finish the potter. We head back to the inn for lunch/munch/tinner.

We head to the Turtle but are followed along the way. Badger ducks into an alley and hides. He is followed. Morden and Finn hang a u-ey.

Initiative is rolled. Badger continues to hide. Morden and Finn round the corner. There is no monster – wtf? Everyone rolls spot a lot and fails.

We cast lots of spells – they fail. Magic missiles and dire bats save the day. Morden takes 20 minutes to remove it’s head. We stand aside awkwardly until he is done.

It is a barghest. It was the thing at our window.




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