Fools Rush In

Spiting Soth

You woke up

Fynn was gone

breakfast was great

Tevaak got a new sword

Mor’den went to find out about the bag

The rat men have the key

A missive arrived by crow

Soth was coming, or was he?

You went to the shady turtle

Tevaak told oresim stories and drew a crowd

Badger and Mor’den met Jess and Ned

They had a little chat in the attic and spent some munni

They went downstairs later and met Petrus

He was pretty bleak

they cleared the bar and disrupted the ritual

Soth arrived early

There were charred bodies

You escaped with your lives

Will there be anything left of Ardev when you return?

Tevaak, Heff and Petrus head to darguun, far and fast

With Fynn missing it is a mystery what Badger and Mor’den might do next.

Tune in next week! =P



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