Fools Rush In

"Tactical Retreeeeeeeat!!"

We’re running away.. The Thing is a massive, gorilla-esque, humanoid, skinless, muscley …. thing. It turns to head for the castle.

Finn eagle-morphs and turns to get ahead of Thing. Thing Summoner is floating above.

Finn entangles Thing to half speed. Finn arrives at the castle wall – the rest of us are approaching from behind.

Castle defenses begin firing as we draw nearer. He grows bigger and stronger with chitinous armor as he takes damage .. uh oh.

Mor’den, unperturbed spews fire. And hides behind his horse when retribution comes. Poor Dexter. Tevaak screams and runs… (towards it)

Finn summons a large viper. Badger enfeebles Thing. Thing smash Mor’den. Tevaak tanks.

Thing is Slowed. Finn summons a Dire Bat. It fails to harm the Sorcerer. Finn flies over his windwall, closer to the summoner. Mor’den starts swinging wildly with his staff.

Paul goes in to deliver a spell and gets a fat klap. Bat is lieing on the ground, unresponsive, viper is biting. Finn rallies the archers.

Sorcerer salutes and poofs away.

Paul inserts his pooter into Thing. mmmmm… sweet life. The Thing goes down.

Commander Whatshisface approaches and we report the fight and camp takedown to him.

Tevaak takes the cavalry to clean up the camp site. A few fleeing goblins and bodies/blood in the summoning circle.

In the command tent, Tevaak finds a large spellbook, a large greatsword, a dead pig on a rotissary, a kyber dragonshard which looks like a lilly, and nothing else. He returns to find the massive corpse burning out front.

We rest for the night and in the morning head back to Ar’dev. .. Where we don’t level. >:(



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