Fools Rush In

What, Tevaak, happened? Where, Tevaak, are we? Why, Tevaak, is everything so big?

Back to town, back to the inn. We encounter a dude, who wears a guild cloak. “Salutations” and introductions. It is Grayle. He carries a bow.

Finn’s staff glows faintly orange. And suddenly bursts with light. Footsteps audibly run frantically upstairs .. to Mor’den.. He magically sees it. It looks weird. Like a porcupine/bush-baby/dude. He asks what it is doing there.

It leaps at Mor’den and bashes into his immovable shield. He calls to the rest of the party. More arrive.

Some of us feel jostled and grabbed – Badger poofs… there is a tear in the space time continuum. Mor’den orders everyone out of the inn. Finn is next to poof away.

Tevaak and Grayle dive into one of the space rifts. We land in a hard, concrete room – accompanied by hideous laughter.

It is a massive figure, looming above us in our enclosure… it is Lord Seth. He has heard of our pursuit of him. /facepalm.

We open the door to reveal a corridor … metallic factoryish noise ahead.

ZOMG Swinging pendulum blades.

Mor’den attempts to pass one, and takes a bit of a bump. He levitates up to bypass the rest.

Tevaak walks confidently into the first one… /cringe.. Soo much blood. Mor’den meanwhile attempts to disable the trap. 2 weeks pass. We awake to find the trap disabled.

We make our way past the blades – there is an obvious pressure plate in front of the door. Badger shatters the door – beyond is a dark room full of spiderwebs. The pressure plate turns out to be the door opening device. Not so much a trap.

Grayle tosses in a torch. Not much happens.. Mor’den twangs a web. ZOMG Spider! It’s big.

Badger drains its strength. It retaliates with a sloppy web spray, transforming Badger into a webby blob. Finn sends much fire its way, engulfing webs.

There are several missiles, and it moves in to bite the cocoon known as Badger. ZOMG poison! Cone of Fire enters stage right. The curtain lowers.

We find 609 gold pieces, 3 rubies (75gp), 1 diamond (500gp), 7 rocks.

We proceed to a clay room. Bump bump screech. ZOMG Giant Scorpion!

Tevaak charges in and exchanges blows with the scorpion. Sting! Spirit jaws! Missiles, electric, and a big hammah. Fools 1, Scorpion 0.

We pass through another room, and meet a rather large mouse, and a rather much larger rat. We fight the rat and down it with some difficulty … oh, for a rest. Finn the bear charms the mouse.

New corridor. Vertical slits down the walls. Finn smells faint chlorine odors.

Badger talks to the mouse and sends it down the corridor.. The door slams shut and gas pours from the slits. We open the door again. There is a green fog 1ft off the ground. We head slowly in. Noone could have foreseen a large mouse, running back towards us, bleeding. It clambers over us. We successfully pass the gas.

ZOMG snake! Portcullis and possible trap on the corner. Paul gets wtfpwned :_( Some fighting ensues and the snake goes down. Zomg Another trap! It rolls into a large snake corpse. Zomg Anticlimax!

A little further.. ZOMG! Kitty! Many prepared actions. Fight fight fight fight. Kitteh swallows Tevaak and moves forward. Last minute come from behind victory. We cut the belly open and rescue the Tevaak. Heal heal heal.

Aaaaaaand into the portal to the party world. Gareth gets his ass handed to him by the little woman.



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