Fools Rush In


At this point in time we are at the Adventurers Guild. And we are adventurers guildees. We are well trained and ready for fame. Now, at this point in time, we have been ported to Ar’dev, and intend, I’m guessing, to head to Castle Arakain.

We do so, on horseback. As we approach the castle, Paul the Permanent Stirge reports an army of ~300 amassing North of the town. (we’re approaching from the south). Should we enter the castle? Stay tuned.

Army update: 2 Catapults and a tent in the middle. Paul reports a rather large summoning circle. We wave at the castle wall people. They wave back. We head for the drawbridge. Tevaak waves his cloak and the bridge is lowered.

We meet Base Commander Garrin. He gives all sorts of facts and figures to Tevaak. That afternoon we prepare our retort. We are facing: 61 goblins, 153 goblin plebs, 3 ogres, 2 ettins, 1 ogre mage. Don’t forget the big tent, the throne, the 2 catapults, and the massive summoning circle.

Our intention is to head out now (like 3pm) and find some gobbies for interrogation, and to cause whatever damage we can. So, we ride away in the opposite direction, and head back around to infiltrate them from the back.

Scratch finds and utterly destroys a scout. It’s from the nightmare plane, and looks like a giant black cuttlefish. We don’t believe we’ve been identified.

We take a slow walk towards the encampment. We start crawling towards the encampment. We sneak closer and closer to one of the catapults.

Much fire to the crosspiece. and a few goblins.

COMBAT Lots of fire, lots of blind big dudes, a hammer-sword, one hell of a Dino-jump, a piglet, summoning.

OMG ARCHVILLAIN!! It’s Soth in the summoning circle. Everything that is killed thus far is conglomerating into a single area. There is running. We are the ones doing it.

It is a proud moment.



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