Greensinger Initiate. This small druid sect maintains a strong bond with the fey of the Eldeen Reaches. As wild and chaotic as the forest spirits they revere, the Green- singers embrace revelry as they dance through the magical world of the forest.


A serendipitous character, Finn finds joy in the unexpected surprises of life. With his trusty animal companion, Dash, (a war trained riding dog) he’s happy to pursue endeavours that lead him to fulfill the greater well being of the natural order of things, with scant consideration for his own fleeting mortality.

Standing 5”7, Finn is of medium build and walks with a simple spear and sling at his side. His tangled nest of hair is a stark contrast to his whimsical if not somewhat priestly manner. His apparel is earthen and looks as though it could have grown out of the mysterious Eldeen Woods themselves. His clothing is simple yet decorative with recurring patterns of intertwining vines, a theme that matches closely that of the twin tattoos on his forearms.

He wears no other distinguishing items, save for a weighted traveler’s pouch and a somewhat worn, green leaf brooch (with a thirteen-pointed star superimposed on it) pinned fast to his tunic’s lapel.



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