Coiled strength. The will to action. Martial focus. Tevaak struggles to bring these elements into harmony.


Tevaak is the most recent in a long line of warriors. His tribe preserves some of the ancient Dhakaani martial traditions, although many years without a true champion have meant that none alive can perform their greatest techniques.

Many years have passed since Tevaak last looked upon his homelands. As the son of the tribal chief, he demonstrated unsurpassed potential. He would have spent his formative years close to home, learning the arts of a warblade, but the elders foresaw the rise of Haruuc, and the internal conflicts it would ignite. The tribe was too small to conquer it’s neighbours, and they would not have allowed them to maintain their seclusion. Thus, they would be forced them into a war they did not fully support. As such, the tribe hid their knowledge of these ancient arts, and sought to stay neutral whilst civil strife raged around them.

Tevaak himself was already known in the area as an expert fighter. His recruitment was guaranteed – and so instead the elders instructed him to leave what would eventually become Darguun and continue his training in the outside world. He drifted from place to place, serving often with mercenary companies or as a private agent for House Deneith.


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