Fools Rush In

Open Day

This should follow on (or incorporate the intro section written by Gareth)

Bustling around outside. Being call in. Sitting at the table and weighing each other up Introductions The assignment

A caravan to Ardev

The meeting at dawn with “proctor” and Shavon The letter handed to Mor’den to be delivered to Jameera in Ardev

Ambush in the King's Forest
Where our brave adventurers discover even the King's Forest is not safe from bandits and highwaymen.

(work in progress – MarkL, GarethS)

It was just after midday, as the sun began it’s languid descent, when the observant Finn noticed something watching the caravan from great height. A reptilian creature soared, perhaps several hundred feet up, on the warm cushions of rising air, dipping and circling, then rising again.

“It’s been there for some time”, said Finn. Mor’den squinted his eyes at the sun and muttered, “I don’t see anything”.

But it was there. Finn had seen it, Tevaak had seen it, even the gnome had seen it.

As if the flying creature knew it too was being observed, it ascended and moments later disappeared into the glare of the sun. But, for the party, the sense of being watched lingered.

The wagon strained and creaked along the dusty road. The merchant’s shouts, whistles and, occasionally, a crack of his whip keeping the beasts in check.

“The King’s Forest”, he grunted as if answering an unasked question. The party looked ahead as lush foliage and tall trees came into view. It was certainly a welcome sight, not only would the tree tops provide much needed shade, but the caravan might be shielded from any aerial observation.

The party ate lunch on the road: dried meats and fruit. The hulking Tevaak more than happy to share his fresh bread and ale; something which the little, insatiable Badger took full advantage of.

Tevaak, being the most battle hardened, took up the lead through the forest, keeping several paces ahead of the wagon. Badger had bartered with the merchant to ride up front, but after some scowls he settled for a place upon one of the oxen. Mor’den, and his man servant John, took up the right of the oxen, while Finn and his wild dog took the left.

Perhaps it was the lay of the land, the large granite boulder or the density of the forest that made Tevaak uneasy. “This is ambush territory”, he said to himself as his eyes scanned the dense undergrowth.

Rounded the boulder he was expecting an ambush, and was not disappointed. In the middle of the road stood a man, human, about 6 feet tall. His feathered hat gave him a flamboyant look, or perhaps it just made him look more like the scoundrel he was. A look accentuated by the crossbow in his hand and the snarling, salivating beast beside him.

Tevaak shuddered at the sight of the creature. It was some manner of dinosaur; perhaps shoulder height to a fully grown man, and certainly stronger than all four of the oxen behind him.

The merchant shouted, reigned in the oxen and slowed the wagon to a crawl.

Mor’den walked ahead to give support to Tevaak, while Finn readied his wild dog. Tevaak, showing his battle experience, calmly shrugged off his pack and readied his weapon and shield.

There was no pretenses as to what was happening.

The highwayman hailed Tevaak, “Greetings friend! I should inform you that you and your group are surrounded.” The highwayman trained his crossbow on Tevaak.

Mor’den was scared, and this made him angry. “Clear your mind. Focus.”, he told himself. Just like in training, just like every morning. But he couldn’t calm himself and he reacted, perhaps a little too soon. He reached out with his thoughts and felt the bandit’s mind – too quickly. What should have been a gentle touch turn into a tearing grasp.

The highwayman’s nonchalant smirk contorted in confusion and fear. His eyes turned upward and squinted in agony as if pleading with some merciless God for relief. None was forthcoming and his, now limp, body crumbled to the earth. Blood streaming from his eyes and ears pooled, like a crimson halo about his head.

Then all hell broke loose.

The dinosaur charged Mor’den, while two more bandits, realising they were in trouble, attempted to flee. This merely revealed their positions, which allowed Finn to set his dog on them.

Tevaak and Mor’den fought side by side to try bring the dinosaur down. It was ferocious and unlike anything any of them had faced before. It’s razor sharp teeth and claws glinting and flashing as it tried to avenge its master’s death. Mor’den, the agent of his downfall, was hard pressed to avoid the scything claws. In desperation, he called forth a solid plane of mental power, and focused his every effort on holding the beast mere inches from his face. Tevaak struggled to find a crack in the scaly hide, repeatedly opening small cuts and slashes in its side and legs. Badger, standing upon the back of the ox, began summoning his celestial minions to bite and gnaw at the ankles of the beast, but it was the little gnome’s arcane missiles of force which delivered the death knell for the beast. Bleeding from a dozen cuts and suffering from crushed bones and ribs, it finally fell, helpless to the ground. Tevaak pounced immediately, driving his shield into it’s head and cracking it’s skull.

For a moment, silence reigned over the forest. All too quickly however the sounds of barking and fearful cries could be heard. Finn’s faithful hound had returned, it would seem – with a human cargo in tow.

The boy that had been dragged back was barely out of his teens, and looked as if it had been weeks since he’d had a good meal or a sleep under a roof. His eyes darted fitfully from person to person, lingering for longer on the blood-covered figure of Tevaak than anyone else.

Still to cover

  • the recruitment of Heff
  • The loot
  • The wagon driver nearly killing us accidentally with his bad crossbow aiming
  • The wagon driver’s bodyguards involvement
  • More on Finn’s involvement.

My memory is a sieve and much creative licence was taken here – please feel free to edit.

A Carnival of Demons
Where our brave adventurer's become unwitting competitors in an extraplaner game show.

you got to the inn at the ferry

there was a funny red light in the house

you went to another place and had a carnival

it was fun

you won the game

Where our brave adventurer's discover some damsels in distress are actually giant spiders looking to feast on their innards.

you crossed the river and tried to help someone

zomg spiders

you won, mostly poisoned, some conscious

pls flesh out

Heff's Calling

You wake in the night

Heff stole your loots and ran away

You follow his majik after-image

you find him trying to open a crypt

his eye’s are funny

you break into the crypt and find a hidden shrine/burial tomb of a long lost order of paladins

it has been defiled a lot

ZOMG! Zombies!

Hack Hack Hack Hack

you get to the end of the maze and find some clothies

there is necromancy, celestial dogs, real dogs, spears… bones everywhere


You sit up late deciphering the codez!

The Final Stretch

With his cowl drawn Mor’den sat cross-legged beside the smoldering camp fire. Light from the glowing embers touched his pallid face with a rare warmth. But Mor’den was only there in body; his elven soul fleeted in a dream while he meditated on his ancestors, his proud elven lineage and how his place in this strange world might unfold.

Nearby, something small and unkempt stirred in it’s sleep. It too was dreaming, but not of lineage or legacy, rather of loot and larceny. The gnome’s little head nestled upon a magic wooden box and his arms affectionately embraced a golden candlestick and burlap bag of coins.

Across from Badger, on the opposite side of the fire, lay Tevaak. Beads of sweat glistened upon his dark skin as his body battled the potent spider toxins which still coursed his veins. Close at hand, Heff rested, the bowl of water and a cloths beside him from tending to Tevaak.

Magnus and his stalwart bodyguard, had made camp near his wagon. Magnus’s brow was furrowed from dreams of missed delivery deadlines.

One was absent from the camp site, but he was not far. On a bed of soft grasses and succulent leaves Finn slept. It wasn’t that he disliked the party, or even people for that matter, he simply struggled to find common ground. Animals and plants he could relate to; they did not lie, they did not manipulate and they did not pursue petty material goals. Finn marveled at the humble honesty of nature and in this honesty he found his sanctuary.

The sun had not yet broken in the east, but the tranquility of the dawn was broken by Magnus’ less than sunny disposition. “Wake up!”, he growled, “Time’s a-wasting!”

Like automatons, bodies rose from slumber, breakfast was prepared and the camp site packed up. The caravan lurched onto the dusty road, the only evidence of their sojourn were depressions in the earth where bodies slept and the fading tendrils of smoke which escaped the dying fire.

Magnus might have been mistaken for a slave driver that day. He’d been too long on the road and these escorts had made too many unnecessary diversions, endangering him and his cargo. The Adventurer’s Guild would hear about this.

And so Magnus pushed hard. They never stopped to marvel at the sight of Glyphstone Keep, nor to rest in Glathspyre. The oxen groaned in despair, but Magnus was relentless. The day cooled providing some relief from the trek and then the light began to fade. The hope that the darkness would force camp was lost when the full moon began to rise, enabling their arduous passage to continue into the night.

[WIP – MarkL]

The Ice Citadel

You met Jomiro

You got your horses

You were hired by scary people

There was a freaky ritual

It deeply troubled you

You became a monstor in the snow

you killed a big worm dead dead dead

it was fun

You took the necromancer to the Ice Citadel

He was happy

you went home and felt unwell

you woke up and spoke to Jomiro

Tevaak and Jomiro had a fight

you got your horses and rested for the night

You are expecting a message by Falcon tomorrow

Where is Falcon?

Spiting Soth

You woke up

Fynn was gone

breakfast was great

Tevaak got a new sword

Mor’den went to find out about the bag

The rat men have the key

A missive arrived by crow

Soth was coming, or was he?

You went to the shady turtle

Tevaak told oresim stories and drew a crowd

Badger and Mor’den met Jess and Ned

They had a little chat in the attic and spent some munni

They went downstairs later and met Petrus

He was pretty bleak

they cleared the bar and disrupted the ritual

Soth arrived early

There were charred bodies

You escaped with your lives

Will there be anything left of Ardev when you return?

Tevaak, Heff and Petrus head to darguun, far and fast

With Fynn missing it is a mystery what Badger and Mor’den might do next.

Tune in next week! =P

The Ratmen Have the key!

you camped in the forest at night

in the morning you pretended to go back and intercepted a wagon

all sounded clear

you went back into Ardev and had some lunch

you spoke to keith, Kin’Eth and Jizzlek.

You went to find the ratmen in the sewers

You found the ritual room

you found the ratmen

they had some ooze

the ratman king was crazy

much fun was had by all

there was a lot of loot

we level you level


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